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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the different types of trees? 

Norway Spruce: Has a simple, unique elegance with lots of space between branches. Branches are long and the needles don’t brown or shed.

Monterey Pine: A full, rich green tree with long silky needles. This is the most fragrant of our trees and smells like fresh-pine aftershave.

Aleppo Pine: Full with finer, longer needles than the Monterey. Has a manicured cone shape and a brighter green color.



How do I invest in, or get my non-profit organization involved with Adopt A Christmas Tree?

We have an amazing fundraising program that is perfect for schools and earth-friendly organizations. Just contact us and our staff will be thrilled to assist you!  32 million trees get cut for Christmas each year – with your help, we can start to bring that number down!


Why is the delivery fee separate now?

We wanted to get the cost down as low as possible so we are able to have even more customers participate this season. PLUS, separating the cost of delivery allows us to charge less in SALES TAX- Yippee!



Can we pick up our tree to save the $55/$65 delivery fee?

We are proud to say this is our 10th year doing online ordering and delivering of our beautiful trees but if you would rather pick up your LIVING tree, we would be happy to make a special arrangement for you.

You can email us ( to schedule since they are stored at a private home. Our trees are very heavy since they are POTTED and you will need a truck to transport.


Does my tree need natural light to survive?

All trees need light to survive, but for the relatively short time your tree will be in the house (2-5 weeks at most), your tree will be fine even if it does not receive direct sunlight.


Do the living potted trees have the same great smell as cut trees?

Absolutely!  And because the tree stays alive the smell won’t fade like it will with a cut tree. Plus you don’t have needles all over the place.


Can I put lights on my trees?

Of course!  Decorate it just as you would with a cut tree, remembering to observe all proper fire safety regulations.  If you really want to help the environment, make sure you use LED Lights.


What’s the total Adoption Fee of my Living Christmas Tree, including delivery and singing elves?

Our trees start at $172 plus tax and delivery ($55-$65) which including free pickup after the holiday, if you decide not to keep your tree. This includes delivery of your potted, living tree and a festive Elf performance 🙂


What days/time do you deliver?

Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays depending on where you are location in San Diego County.


We will give you a 3-hour window and the Elves will call when they are on their way 🙂

What is your contact info?

Elf Headquarters


What are your hours?

Elf Headquarters are open 9am-6pm Monday-Sunday during the season 😉



How do I schedule my tree pickup, if I decide I am not going to keep the tree?

Easy! Just go to: to schedule your pickup after the holiday.